Well lets see I started photographing when I was 16,after a birthday present of a Pentax K1000 and buying my first Pentax spotmatic. I also wa taking photo classes at the local Jr college during my Jr and Sr years in High school. In my senior year in High school, I did most of the black and white photography for my high school year book. After High School I did some Wedding and portrait photography semi-professionally and I did all the photo work for a College professor for his self defense book along with many other projects. I haven't done a lot work since then,just some landscapes and travel photos when my life spares a few minutes to relax. I was reintroduced back into the photo world with my New beloved Pentax digital DSL. I have always used a Pentax camera, My parents bought my first K1000 for my 16th birthday and I expanded my collection to included Olympus and Mamiya cameras. My first love is landscapes,wildlife and portraits, whether close to home or across the US. I'll get to exotic places after I finish exploring everything in the US first.

As I said my Love is Landscapes and wildlife, I love to find that one shot that shows every captivating feature of the natural beauty of the every landscape, animal or subject I shoot.

I would love to have my landscapes and subjects featured in magazines, articles or just as pictures hanging on my walls.

When I go out shooting it usually ends up as a family affair, my significant other, his son and my Lab join me. Quite an interesting shoot since they all have their own ideas on what to shoot and how to shoot it.